The serieT concept: innovation at the service of the user.
The perfect machine. This was the objective guiding the Moretti Forni team in the development of the serieT concept. More than 3 years of work, 5 new patents and numerous, cutting-edge applications to achieve a new state of the art when it comes to ventilated conveyor baking. An appliance that is truly on the leading edge but, at the same time, easy and intuitive to use: because new benefits must be usable immediately. The very first and purely visual impact of this new creation shows off all of its fascinating originality. The design has focused on a horizontal layout to give the appliance a sleek feel. A longitudinal form that is reflected in all of the style details: from the angled control panel with its carbon-look graphics, to the handle with perforated grips on the inspection window, the stainless steel door and the supports without crossbars, all of which give the appliance its clean-cut design. However, the cutting-edge style is no more than a taste of the new and totally revolutionary technical features. The technology used on the new serieT is the most refined available on the market today.

Starting with the exclusive, patented Cool-Around Technology®, which keeps the exterior surfaces of the oven cool to the touch, and going on to the Best-Flow® System (patented), for perfectly even baking Two more totally new features are Dual-Temp® Technology and Dual-Flow® Technology (both patented): technical solutions for separate top and bottom temperature control on both gas and electric versions. Another new and equally exclusive feature (patented) is the Adaptive-Gas® Technology: with burner modulation control on the gas models, which cuts consumption and guarantees maximum even baking in any condition. Special attention has also been dedicated to accessories and complementary features: the useful Swing-In-Out® System for the entry and exit of products to be baked with minimum heat dispersion and therefore, maximum efficiency; and the interesting Remote-Master® Technology for remote control of the oven's main functions.

The new serieT by Moretti Forni: innovation in progress.

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