The serieM concept: innovation at the service of the user.
The perfect machine. This was the goal set by the Moretti Forni team right from the start when developing the serieM concept. A task that lasted over 2 years, with 3 new patents and numerous, innovative applications that marked the latest state-of-the-art in static cooking.
A product that is both extremely innovative, and at the same time simple and intuitive to use: because the new advantages need to be immediately useable. Right from the initial, purely visual impact, this new creation appeared in all its fascinating originality. The design gives priority to a horizontal extension, which gives the product a more streamlined look. This lengthways extension is continued in all the styling elements: from the wrap-around control panel with its carbon-look graphics to the door handle with its perforated grip, from the extraction hood with special steel grilles to the minimal style leavening compartment. But the innovative styling is just a taste of the numerous and totally revolutionary new technical features it contains.

The technology used in the new serieM is some of the most refined available on the market today. Starting with the Cool-Around Technology® that keeps the door itself cold to the touch. Another absolute novelty is Split-Deck Technology® (patented): this involves management of as many as 4 temperatures within the same chamber which, together with the raised part  to the back of the cooking surface, give the oven its multiple functions. Also new is P.I.D. heat management, which reduces power consumption and guarantees even cooking whatever the conditions. The maintenance side has not been ignored: it is facilitated by the implementation of a system of self-diagnosis and data reading/input using SD card. Particular care has also been taken with accessories and complements: the powerful extraction hood and Flex-Cell System®, the revolutionary leavening proofer with slide-away doors and separable compartments. New serieM by Moretti Forni: innovation in progress.

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M130E "A" M130E "B" M130E "C"
External size (WxD) 190x115x35
190x135x35 190x178x35
Internal size (WxDxH) 129x66x17
129x86x17 129x129x17
Maximum power
12,0 KW
13,8 KW 18,6 KW
Average Power Consume 4,8 KW/h
5,5 KW/h 7,4 KW/h
Time for reaching 350° C 40' 40' 40'
Nr. pizzas Ø 33 cm/deck 8 11 16
Pizzas Ø 33 cm output/h 120 165 240
Nr. of trays per deck
3 4 6
Trays output/h
24 32 48
Provers (available h)
70, 90
70, 90 70, 90
Supports (available h)
50, 70, 90, 110
50, 70, 90, 110 50, 70, 90, 110
Higher back deck bottom
- optional optional
Split-deck Technology - serial serial
Smart-open System - - -
Adaptive-Power Technology serial serial serial
Cool-around Technology serial serial serial
Flex-cell System serial serial serial