The most versatile tool for a genuine pizza.

serieP P60E, P80E are electric modular deck ovens available with 1, 2 or more decks stackable on prover or support with standard castors. The baking chamber is in aluminised steel, with a refractory brick baking surface, while heat insulation is guaranteed by high density material. The heat is generated by armoured heating elements in the ceiling and floor.

On demand and without surcharge, all the models can be available with the front side completely in stainless steel.

why choose it?

For its versatility and the ability to bake pizza in trays

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P60E, P80E ovens are available in six versions. Select the version you are interested in from the list on the right and click on it to see details.


Deck capacity:

8 pizzas Ø 30 cm - 2 pizzas Ø 50 cm

4 trays 60 x 40 cm

Electricity: 11 Kw

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